CMS Proffesional 2010 Cougar Dtails A finacial Dashboard

CMS Professional 2010 for Business Accounting, FUND and Point of Sale products include great new features with enhanced filtering, and internal and external reporting abilities that expand your power to retrieve valuable information and present that data in a format so that you can make intelligent decisions that affect your business success.

Our customers have been asking for these features now for some time. So we’ll say it first – It’s about time! This release announces a new product and new features that we feel pack quite a punch in making your life easier to review and find data so that your business will run more efficiently and effectively. Our customers will now be able to:

Review at-a-glance data on your business financial health and drill-down into that data to understand the bottom line
Export reports more easily to Excel (.CSV)
Effectively narrow your lookups when searching for a stock item or customer
A direct link to order your forms & supplies online

For a brief overview of which applications are impacted by our new product and features, refer to our Quick Reference Guide, or you can download the CMS Professional 2010 New Features PDF.

Why Cougar Mountain, watch this video and find out what Cougar can do for you.



Cougar Dtails, A financial Dashboard

Our newest product is an at-a-glance application that provides you with the ability to gain insight into your business’s data and financial health. This financial dashboard offers a business owner, CPA or CFO a quick and easy visual perspective of a company’s financial health so that smart business decisions can be made.

Cougar Dtails, A Financial Dashboard allows a business owner to explore financial anomalies and get behind those numbers because it easily connects to their General Ledger data. Your financial data is presented in a way that will aid day-to-day operations and trending over periods for effective decision-making.

Learn more about the financial dashboard.Users are presented with 3 different financial viewpoints where they can select default preferences in data viewed on a regular basis, or customize what they see each time. Security measures are also in place so that the software administrator can determine which employees have access to this application. You also have the ability to look at all this data against your budgets. The three dashboard views:

The Profit & Loss view (Revenue & Expense for nonprofit users) will illustrate income (revenue) and expenses over a period of time, and a look at net profit/loss.

The Cash Flow view shows the relationship between cash and liabilities, which can help businesses, make good cash management decisions.

The Financial Indicators show at-a-glance how a company is performing compared to the previous year.

Cougar Dtails screenshot

CMS Proffesional Accounting

CMS Professional Accounting's integrated modules allow your business to make informed financial decisions, manage your cash flow, monitor your profitability, and track your inventory with ease because we offer reports such as Snapshot reporting on your business performance.

Our newest release, CMS Professional 2010, includes a new product and features such as Cougar Dtails, A Financial Dashboard, a Contains lookup field, and the ability to now export reports to a .CSV file. This provides you with additional ways for you to examine your business data so that you can make informed decisions that can affect your business success.


Cash Flow

Key Features:

Includes all the modules needed for you to manage your business accounting needs; Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, General Ledger, and Order Entry

All modules fully integrated - and additional modules can be added at any time; Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, Purchase Order, Point of Sale and Job Cost

Includes cash flow and inventory business management tools

Allows you to import historical records from previous business accounting software

I deal for businesses outgrowing limited-feature accounting software packages

Is simple to set-up with templates and wizards

Cougar Mountain Point of Sale with Back Office Accounting.

Cougar Mountain Point of Sale with Back Office Accounting software integrates all the comprehensive features of our point of sale package with our powerful accounting system. Simplifying the entire sales process— from entering sales to tracking and managing inventory.

Our newest version, CMS Professional 2010, includes a new product – Cougar Dtails, A Financial Dashboard providing a visual picture of your business health. Additional new features with this release are a “Contains” filter field for lookups and export your reports to a .CSV file.

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